Nueva Royal Haven Baptist Church



“Oikos” is a word infused with a great deal of meaning, hope, and promise.

While in the Bible it can mean “a house” (an inhabited house, home, any building whatever, any dwelling place), or “descendants,” I’m using it in the sense of “all the persons forming one family, a household.

Oikos Strategy

Each one of us lives at the intersection of four worlds: biological, vocational, geographical, and volitional. The biological world consists of people related to me by blood or marriage (siblings, mothers, fathers, in-laws, etc.). Coworkers and business associates comprise one’s vocational world. The geographical world includes immediate community, such as neighbors. The volitional world is a world of my choice—that is, leisurely activities, sports, hobbies, etc.

Oikos consists of a mindset that identifies our concentric circles of people and seeks to include them in a lasting relational fellowship.

Bible Study: 9:30am Sunday

English class: 9:30am Sunday

Worship Celebration: 10:45am Sunday

Bible Studies for Boys and Girls: Third Thursday of Every Month
There are also Bible Studies for each age of Children/Youth/ and Young Single Adults: 9:30am Sunday
For more information call 214 350-7000 or 214 650-6711

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